Canada Day Workout

In recognition of Canada’s 150th celebration,

Jessica has created a 150-themed at-home workout for you!


This full-body workout will take you approximately 40-50 minutes to complete.

Make sure you are warmed up before your start the workout and try to complete each set as quickly as you can.


Equipment Needed:

- Timer (counting seconds)

- Skipping Rope (you can ‘fake’ skip if you must but people generally work harder/cheat less when they actually use a rope)

- 2lb weights (not required, can just air box this portion or hold onto two water bottles for weight)

- Bigger weights for row (5lbs+) ( you can also use this for the ‘around the world’ option instead of the Medicine Ball).


The exercises are all listed below. Complete each moves in the order they are listed and go through three full sets (=150 of each move!).

If you’re not sure what each move is just watch the video below where Jessica demonstrates each one.

You might not feel too bad after the first set but you will be really sweating by the end :)




1. Skip (150 bounces)

2. Lunges (50 total)

3. Push-up Pulses (50)

4. V-Sit Twists (harder option of ‘around the world’) (50 total)

5. Squat Hops (50) (easier option of pulses)

6. Wall Sit or Squat Hold (50 seconds)

7. Punches (50 total)

8. Bent over single arm row (50 total)

9. Mountain Climbers crossing under (50 total)

10. Box Shape Walks


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