Instructor Spotlight – Kelcie

We believe that our Foxy Kickboxing instructors are truly some kick-ass ladies!

They are a diverse group who are positive, inspiring, motivating, and really fun to be around.

We wanted to share some more about them with you and this week we interviewed Kelcie from Calgary.

Hope you enjoy the read!




What is your greatest fitness accomplishment?

My greatest fitness accomplishment was completing the North Coast Trail on Vancouver Island this summer.


How do you like to keep fit?

I like to cross-train by running, hiking, paddle-boarding, kayaking, snowboarding, rock climbing


Is there anything you are training for right now?

I am currently training in order to to be able to keep going on fun outdoor adventures!

(*editors note – Kelcie does a ton of hiking and back country trips!)


Do you have a favorite moment from a Foxy class?

My favorite moment in Foxy classes is when I hear people say “I didn’t think I could do that!”


How long have you been teaching with Foxy Kickboxing?

I have taught Foxy classes since 2011


You can catch Kelcie at our Arbour Lake, Triwood, or Foxy Force (Cross-Training) classes.

About Foxy Kickboxing

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