Keeping Focused for 2018

Keeping Focused for 2018


January can be filled with hope, expectations of change, and the best intentions for starting the New Year with a fresh outlook. Resolutions are made, gym memberships purchased. All seems well and good for a few weeks until you inevitably hit the first of many bumps in the road….

After a disappointing (and questionable) loss in a recent boxing match my coach had to give me some ‘tough-love’ about my training and goals for the season. His speech to me (well, it was really more of kick in the butt to be honest) really hit-home and I hope it might help you with your own Oprah ‘ah-ha’ moment as well.

Motivation is easy to find, but it can also be transient or passing. It is easy to say that you want to lose 10lbs (or to wear your ‘skinny jeans’, or to do a fitness competition). There are even lots of tips and tricks to try and stay motivated – like having a workout buddy, creating an inspiration board, joining a class. These are all great things and motivation is certainly the first step towards creating change.

However, motivation can be easily lost. You had to work late, you’re not feeling 100%, there’s an event scheduled at the same time you normally workout. We all deal with these issues. Sometimes you just ‘don’t wanna’.

This is where your commitment saves the day.

Commitment is getting your workout done even when you have no motivation. It is sticking to you plan, getting over the excuses. In fact, if you look at a thesaurus motivation is only your purpose, reason, drive. Commitment is your promise, obligation, and guarantee. It is the one thing that is going to get you going – even when you don’t want to.

So, as you are setting your 2018 goals I encourage you to make a commitment to yourself. Stick to your plan because you have an obligation to yourself. It is okay to not feel motivated some days – we all do. But it is your commitment to succeeding that is most important and will help you stay on track. Do it because you told yourself you would – it’s a promise worth keeping.

Here’s to a fit and healthy 2018




Jessica is the Founder & CEO of Foxy Kickboxing. She competes in Amateur Boxing and has been to tournaments throughout Canada and the US. She represented Alberta at the Canadian Nationals in 2017 and is training to compete again this spring.

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