Foxy Kickboing, Womens only kickboxing classes in Calgary Alberta.


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14oz Purple Leather Gloves

14oz Leather Boxing Gloves (purple glove with black accent) with Velcro strap around wrist

Price: $ 45.00

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14oz Blk/Wht Gloves Elastic Wrist

Black and White Gloves with purple accents. Elastic strap at the wrist to ensure a tight fit!

Price: $ 50.00

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Thai Pads (sold as a set)

Black and Purple leather Thai Pads with Foxy logo

Price: $ 80.00

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Black Hand Wraps

Black 4.5mm Hand Wraps. New registrations include purple hand-wraps for everyone - purchase these black ones as a back-up set or to stick out from the crowd

Price: $ 10.00

In Stock: 5 Item(s)